More Holiday Cards

Ready for more? I also developed these with holiday photos in mind, and drew quite a bit of pattern inspiration from some pictures I took in Paris. These will be using the same paper and ink as the Alice In Winter Wonderland series, and can also be personalized with a few lines of text on the inside if desired. Each of these designs comes in 3 color combinations.

Filigree (Goldstar/Midnight, Granny Smith/Red Delicious, or Silverbell/Plum)

(Frost/Silverbell, Goldstar/Lime, or Red Delicious/Granny Smith)

(Goldstar/Pomegranate, Red Delicious/Midnight, or Silverbell/Lagoon)

Scallop (Goldstar/Evergreen, Lime/Pomegranate, or Silverbell/Lagoon)

And finally, 2 designs Hayley asked for involving beachy palms and a cool car. Feliz Auto come with a print on the front and room for your holiday photo inside:

While Feliz Palms has room for your photo on the front and some customized text inside:

While I've never been very good at farting out nice designs after staring at a blank screen, I find that I do okay when given a few parameters and suggestions for inspiration. Alright blog world, am I back in your good graces now? See? I HAVE been working, I swear!

Pulp and Press Soundtrack 9/12/09: "Disfarmer" Album (Bill Frisell).

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