"Alice in Winter Wonderland" Holiday Cards

OK y'all,

Since I've been neglecting the blogosphere for the likes of my new website and some fancy new designs for holiday cards, I thought I'd at least show you the latter. The first series, "Alice in Winter Wonderland," I had already begun developing when my friends Hayley and Sheila asked if I could do some letterpress designs for their photography business Goode Green. If you remember, Sheila was the one who took the awesome pinup photos of me and my friend Rebecca a few months ago. Seriously folks, if you need some kickass pictures give them a call! Anyway, I'll be selling these through them including photos, and on my site without photos. You'll have the choice between a blank inside or a block of custom text:

I've decided that because I'll be folding these to create cards, I'll be printing on some super delicious Somerset paper from England that's made with 100% reclaimed cotton rag. This makes for an incredibly soft sheet that takes an impression well and scores/folds nicely, or so the folks at Evanston Print & Paper tell me. I've also gotten some Gamblin and Charbonnel etching inks (made the old school way, with linseed oil and pigments), because I've heard these work really well for large areas of coverage. I'm hoping to do a test this weekend or next week.

I have some more designs to show you, but those will be in the next post...

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