Inspiration: Parisian Patterns

We're back! OK, maybe that shouldn't be an exclamation point...maybe it should be a sad droopy face that's in baguette withdrawal. But actually, it's not so bad returning to "real" life after our amazing vacation, and I'm feeling very refreshed and ready to pour some new energy into Tweedle Press. I took a million photos while we were in Paris and Brussels (click those to see the respective full photo sets on Flickr), but here I'll just post the ones I took specifically of patterns suitable for letterpress inspiration.

Of course I was inspired by more than just patterns, and I likely plan a series of Parisian images similar to the one I did of Tuscany a few years ago. Ah, Paris. Now it's back to the business plan.

Pulp & Press Soundtrack 5/15/09: Morrissey (It's Not Your Birthday Anymore)

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