Along With The Pilot...

I acquired a whole bunch of nifty items to get me up and printing. I bought a "Letterpress Starter Kit" from Paul Aken at The Platen Press Museum. Paul is a great guy and a collector of all types of printing equipment, but mainly platen presses. I took photos of all the things I brought home with me:

The opened package of gauge pins

What the package of gauge pins looks like on the outside

The first line of type I intend on printing, locked up in the chase

Another shot of the type locked up

Yeah, a closeup of the locked up type

Spaces for the font I got

My first font, 14 pt. Typo Upright, is a nice serif

A tiny tin of black ink

Tympan paper

Furniture! I love furniture. It sounds like Lincoln Logs when it clinks together

Leads and slugs

Reglets and nonpareil

Wedge quoins and quoin key

Composing stick


Line gauge

Also gotten was some pressboard and an imposing surface. Oh! And Paul also gave me an awesome old cut of a rooster. Even though I need new rollers for the Pilot, I should be able to run a few prints of this line of type soon. Maybe tomorrow!

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