The Pilot Is Home!

More details and pictures to come, but here's a shot of the new beauty in it's spot in my office/studio. I didn't realize it was going to be and Old Style Pilot, so it's MUCH prettier than I had hoped and I just love it! I also acquired a whole slew of other necessary elements, and will probably try and run my first print this week. YAY!

Ian and I managed to get it inside from my car (all 200 pounds of it...my knees are not amused) without too much difficulty; luckily we live on the first floor and so there is only 1 mini-staircase to get up to our door. Oh, it's so pretty. Sigh. Now I'm off to try and find a serial number so I can see how old it is...


  1. Can't wait to hear all about when, where and how you found your beautiful OS Pilot. Very exciting. Just seeing your set on Flickr (which is how I ended up here) inspires me to

    These freezing Chicago days are perfect for driving us artsy types inside - with nothing to do but be creative and productive, huh!

  2. Hey Brad,

    Cool! Thanks for the comment. I've been busy this week arranging transport for the big guy - the New Style 8 x 12 C&P, which I'll be getting Saturday. After that ordeal is over, I'll have plenty of updates about both presses!