Successful Transport Of My C&P 8 x 12 Press!

I suppose you have to be a tad insane to try and move a 1200 pound letterpress, and maybe just a tad more insane to try and do it in a Chicago January. It was in the 20s today! That's awesome compared to the few days before. Anyway, I took my trusty camera to document the experience. It took a while and wasn't too stressful, but all the same I'm glad it's over and the press is now in it's new home in Skokie.

Tied down on a mini-pallet

Closeup of the C&P tied down

Paul Aken clearing some of the snow away from the loading area

My press was amongst many friends at The Platen Press Museum in Zion, IL

The motor, detached

Tied up and ready to roll

The arrival of the moving truck

The lift gate wouldn't quite go all the way down...

So Paul had to scrape some ice away

My pallet jack or yours?

Paul and Paul using the pallet jack to push the big baby onto the lift gate

Adjusting placement on the lift gate

Well positioned on the lift gate

Lifting, lifting...

Need a letterpress moved in Chicago? Try Anything Heavy! Everything went smoothly and I would definitely recommend them.

Inside the truck, all 1200 pounds

Secured and ready for transport!

Up goes the motor

Arrival in Skokie

Down she goes

The "enabler" i.e. allower of warehouse usage (Ben, I told you I'd put you on my blog)

Temporary position until further warehouse rearrangement

Me and my C&P!

I love my big baby.


  1. Congrats - how exciting! Love the photos, and it's great to see Paul still excitedly rushing around, pushing iron on and off skids for us silly young letterpressers.

    I'm finally getting started on reassembling mine:

  2. Duh ~ you and I have already been talking over at Flickr, didn't even realize it. : )