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Greetings from ROPA

Cripes...I've been so busy with Tweedle print projects these days that I haven't even had a moment to take photos and post! I'm not complaining - I'm just surprised that my business has switched into high gear so rapidly. I'm still reeling a little, and trying to figure out how to handle all the new work. But as I keep saying, it's a good problem to have. And it's so rewarding to know that people really like my work and keep coming back for more.

I took a break last week from client projects to work on a postcard for a swap hosted by Ladies of Letterpress, a group I belong to. The only rules were that it be 6" x 4", and be a "Greetings From..." wherever you live. Because I like to challenge myself (or make myself crazy, as iHub would say), I decided to do a 3 color print on the front with really tight registration. I designed in a slightly older, cheesy postcard style with colors from the 70s. Printing it definitely made me work...especially since Leonard had a bit of a relapse into funky inking. But I'm pretty proud of how it turned out:

As you can see, I definitely went for some impression on the front...but not so much as to cause it to show through to the back. I plan to investigate duplexing my house cotton paper at some point in the near future.

Speaking of the back, it was slightly less insane with only 1 color and not nearly as critical of an alignment:

I was pretty happy I was able to get the registration so tight.

I can't wait to see all 125 other entries, which I should be receiving copies of soon!

While I only printed enough on this run for the swap itself, I may run some more in the future for sale through my shop.