Happy New Year!

Whew...now that all the holiday craziness is over I welcome the calm of January. Time to reassess, re-motivate, recreate, and blog! First up, I'd like to announce my new blog Under The Wild Rose As Weasels, where "A city mouse with a country soul [me] attempts to mitigate the impact of 2 humans, 2 cats, 2 cars, and 2 big ass TVs by implementing realistic earth-friendly changes." It's been a blast so far.

As my first Tweedle Press offering for the new year, I've just made available these lovelies:

That's right, now you can get scrumptious letterpress printed stationery, on sheets that are recycled individually by hand from your own junk mail! Choose from unique designs to be personalized with your name. This is almost certainly the most eco-friendly, extraordinary way to reuse gift wrap and other scrap paper from your home.

I'm really happy with the designs I've come up with for the stationery

Tomorrow I plan to go into production on a few of the things that got pushed to the side during the holidays. I'll continue to release Personal Recycling products, and will be coming up with some spring-y designs soon too.

Pulp & Press Soundtrack: "Hooting & Hollering" (Wild Beasts).

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