A Sticky Situation...

Anyone have any suggestions?

Don't worry, this isn't turning into a "vlog" or whatever the term is - I just thought this problem would be best illustrated by moving images.

And now I proudly introduce a new blog feature, The Pulp & Press Soundtrack. Otherwise known as what's occurring in the room or in my head during today's work and/or blog post, maybe this will help to get my dear readers in the mood.

Pulp & Press Soundtrack 3/18/09: Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution (AC/DC)


  1. Hey Maggie!

    Thanks for your ideas. I have not tried adjusting roller tension yet, but that certainly seems like a plausible explanation. When Paul (Platen Press Museum) was here the other day, he noted that my handle had a little bit of play (i.e. jigglies) when the rollers were all the way at the bottom, and that I might want to tighten the arm screw at the back.

    This is probably somewhat unrelated, except for the fact that all of these things require me to look into procuring some acceptable tools for adjusting the Pilot. Doing a little bit of printing today, the roller sticking doesn't present too major of a problem except that I feel like things should run more smoothly.

    I hope your eyeballs have remained intact.


  2. PS - Crap! Looks like I managed to delete you comment to which I was replying. Oops. Luckily I've still got the text in an e-mail:

    "Maggie at Gamewell Press has left a new comment on your post "A Sticky Situation...":

    I am actually having a somewhat similar problem with my 6x10 Kelsey, so here's my best guess. I think the springs that regulate the roller tension need adjusting. Have you tried that?

    It sounds like they may be a tad too tight. I don't think it is all that unusual for the rollers to stick a tiny, tiny bit going over that hump in the rails to the ink disk, but the fact that they're sticking all over the place, makes me think they're too tight.

    Good luck! I'm currently fighting the urge to stick one of 7 irritating Kelsey springs through my eyeball. (Sorry - bad visual).

    Your hair does look shiny."

  3. Nina, did you ever figure this out? I am having an almost identical issue with a Craftsman Pilot-like press, and am curious if you ever solved the problem. Thanks!

  4. Hi rnr,

    No - I never did anything really definitive to try and fix the sticky roller problem. Since it doesn't really affect print quality, it has been relegated to the "anal, somewhat inconsequential" pile of things to do instead of "required." I think Maggie's suggestion of adjusting the roller tension sounds mighty good, so maybe you could give that a try? I'm not sure how to do it on my Pilot...though I'm going to read through this discussion on Briar Press for some potential pointers:


    Good luck - and let me know how it goes!