It Goes!

I was remiss in my documentary duties last Friday, forgetting to bring my camera as Paul gallantly helped me take my big press off the pallet using only a car jack and metal pipes. I snapped a few (unintentionally artsy) photos of said tools with my phone:
Yeah, you can just pretend you know what's going on there. Today I took a much more exciting vid of the press GOING:

This is pretty much the sweetest, most badass thing I have ever seen. Alan at Roll Crafters has offered to have both my Pilot and 8 x 12 rollers reground to the proper truck size, so those went off yesterday. Now I suppose I'll just have to wait another few weeks, twiddling my thumbs, before I can print anything. I should probably get to work on redoing the Tweedle Press website in the meantime...

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  1. ... or maybe make some paper on which to print once you get the presss rolling again? ; )