Inspiration: Morrissey

Welcome to another edition of Inspiration, where I blog briefly about something that influences my work these days. I'm trying to come up with a cute "brand" word for these posts, but "Presspiration" sounds too much like sweating. Any ideas?

Saturday we went to see Morrissey at the Aragon Ballroom, and he was fantastic. Ian is an even more dedicated Moz fan than I, but somehow neither of us had ever managed to be graced by his presence. While his set was definitely new material heavy, he did pull out a few Smiths tunes and some early B-sides. Mostly it was just fantastic to see him strutting about the stage, sounding fabulous, and making us all wish we were as cool as he. After all, what's more rock and roll than a giant shimmering silver backdrop of a shirtless sailor flexing?

Thanks again to the shaky concert camera phone. Morrissey reminds us all that presentation is important, professionalism is great, but never take yourself too seriously. Also, if you can work a classic tux with a bow tie - it's hot.

Pulp & Press Soundtrack 4/6/09: Something Is Squeezing My Skull (Morrissey).

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