My First Project

I've been working on the designs for a new collection of letterpressed items called "Dead Things" for my shop, Tweedle Press. The sets will hopefully include gift tags, coasters, stationery, and file folders:

I'll be printing several of the items on chipboard, because I love the way it feels and looks. Here are the 2" x 2" gift tags:

My ultimate goal would be to print to stationery on some of my hand made recycled paper:

But I'll have to see how much of that I can actually produce. The junk mail is piling up, but each sheet just takes so long to make! Here are the stationery designs:

First, though, I need to see about getting new rollers for my presses and some ink. I may just go ahead and buy the starter pack from Boxcar Press since I'll need a base anyway for my polymer plates, but I do want to do a little looking into other types of ink first. If I end up choosing a different kind of ink, I may need a different kind of roller. So much to do!


  1. Nina, your paper looks nice! What kind of inclusions do you use and how do you get them into the paper? I think you mentioned using a deckle box? I had one try at including flowers and wasn't happy with the results.


  2. Tina,

    Thanks! I do use a deckle box - you can make them but I just bought the Arnold Grummer kit. He's also got lots of instructional books and bits to include in your paper for purchase on his website. I think it's more fun to dry your own flowers, though, rather than buy the ones in the packages. What about your inclusions were you not happy with? Sometimes it's hard to have them stay in the paper if you aren't sure to get a thin film of pulp over the top of them...